Study Permit

Study Permit allows a foreign national to come to Canada and study.

Your course must be a minimum of 6 months to be eligible for a study permit.

You can apply for a visitor visa if you are coming to Canada for a course that is less than 6 months

To obtain a study permit you must be enrolled at a Designated Learning Institute.

You also must have enough funds to pay for your tuition fees and living expenses and prove to the officer that you will Canada at the end of your stay.

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After the completion of your study program you will be eligible for post graduate work permit which can lead to your permanent residence in Canada

There are 2 categories for student visas in Canada

SDS Category – This is a special program for students from the below countries that are eligible for faster processing and are subject to special requirements

Students applying under the SDS category must

All students from other countries and students from the countries listed above can apply in the general study visa stream if they do not qualify under the SDS stream

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