Provincial Nomination Programs

Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs) are the pathway for clients seeking to come to Canada permanently but cannot due to less points in the Express Entry points structure.

Provincial Nomination Programs offer 600 points in the Express Entry points system for Canadian Permanent Residence.

How does the Program Work!

Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs) is for workers skilled and semi-skilled that have the necessary skills, education and work experience to contribute to a particular province’s economy.

Each province chooses its nominees based on several factors.

The Major factor is considered to be the need for the immigrant in the province. This directly relates to the work experience possessed by the foreign national to wants to come to the province and thus Canada.

Provinces have agreements with Canada, where they have the authority to choose their immigrants.

Each province has several programs that may target people who may

Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs) can issue invitation through Express Entry stream.

To be eligible for the Express Entry system, the client must be eligible for one the federal immigration economic streams.

Clients can receive an invitation to apply in their Express Entry application portals.

If such an invitation is received and you do not have representation, you should contact the team at YIC as navigating through complex immigration programs of provinces can be challenging and is different from Express Entry.

You can receive such an invitation at scores as low as 301 in your express entry profile.

Every province has a yearly quota for nominations. Provinces this year have an admission target of 67,800.

Every province receives their share of nominations through this quota.

Canada will intake 195,800 new Economic immigrants in 2020 with the number increasing to 212,050 in the year 2022. Canada has a target of a total planned intake for 341,000 for the year 2020.

The various provinces that gives out nominations based on Express Entry profile are

Application Process

There are 2 ways to apply for provincial nomination programs (PNPs)

Paper based Application Process

You can apply directly to a Provincial Nomination Program if you qualify in one of the categories of that province.

You must submit the application directly to the province under the program you qualify.

Online Process

The provinces can be contacted directly using the online portal. Recently, most provinces have migrated to the online portal process barring a few immigration programs which must still be done as a paper process.

YIC has experience with all Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs) and we can help you obtain Nominations enroot to Canadian Permanent Residence.

Please contact our licensed immigration professionals if you have any queries regarding the PNP process of various provinces.

ALBERTA – AINP Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program

Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS) –

DID YOU KNOW! If you are an IN Canada applicant under the AINP program under the Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS) your work permit must be valid at the time the province receives your application for provincial nomination. This status CANNOT be IMPLIED or RESTORATION

DID YOU KNOW! You CANNOT apply for AINP under the AOS if

DID YOU KNOW! If you are on a Post – Graduate work permit and intend to apply for AOS you must have passed from an Alberta Advanced Educational Approved Credential

Qualifying Work Experience

DID YOU KNOW! Post – Graduate Work Permit holders need a minimum of 6 months of work experience in Canada to be eligible for AINP under the AOS.

DID YOU KNOW! Foreign Nationals with a full-time job offer in Alberta can apply for PNP if their job offer is for a minimum of 1 year in your current Qualifying occupation.

YIC can help foreign nationals who wish to come to Canada under this program.

AINP – Express Entry Stream

The AINP – Express Entry Stream is for foreign nationals who are eligible under one of the federal Express Entry streams and have a minimum score of 300 in the express entry pool of candidates.

You must intend to live and work in Canada

Must be working in the occupation that supports Alberta’s economic development

NOTE: If you have one of the adaptability factors the likelihood of achieving a nomination is higher

AINP – Self Employed Farmer Stream

Applicants under this stream must meet the following criteria



British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program (BC PNP) offers 3 programs to become a resident in BC. BC PNP is an online application system that


This category is for workers whose skills are in high demand in BC.

It uses a point-based system to invite candidates to apply for permanent residence


To Apply for BC PNP, you will need a job offer from a BC Employer for an indeterminate or full-time



You can apply for BC PNP from INSIDE and OUTSIDE Canada!

Ask us HOW !!! 


Some NOC C Level jobs like in the field of Long Haul Truck Drivers, Tourism/ Hospitality or Food Processing are eligible to apply for BC PNP

Ask us HOW!!


To Apply under the Express Entry BC – PNP Category you must be eligible under one of the 3 Economic Programs

You must also meet all the conditions set out in the skills immigration category.

NOTE: This means you must have a job offer from a BC – Employer. This can be done from inside or outside Canada. Ask us How!!


Please refer to our section of Business Immigration for more information on the Entrepreneur program


Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) is the biggest beneficiary of the quota from the federal government for its provincial nominee program.

There are various program under the OINP program.


You can also apply for OINP without a job offer from Ontario unlike most other Provincial Nominee Programs

There are 3 ways through which a nomination can be obtained from Ontario

Various Programs under OINP

The following OINP streams are closed to applications for the year 2020

If you need any assistance with your OINP Nomination or want to apply for Provincial Nomination for any other province in Canada, our immigration professionals can assist you with your application.

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