Post Graduate Work Permit

Students may be eligible to apply for a post graduate work permit if they have recently graduated from a Designated Learning Institute from Canada and have completed a full- time program of a minimum of 8 months.

Students are given a post graduate work permit that is equivalent to their study in Canada.

Students may be given a maximum post graduate work permit of 3 years depending upon their level and duration of studies.

Students must apply within 180 days from the date of their graduation or when they receive their final grades or final letter of graduation.

Students must be in status during the time they apply for a post graduate work permit.

Students not in status and still eligible to apply for post graduate work permit may be eligible to apply from outside Canada

Students must maintain full- time student status in Canada to be eligible for a post graduate work permit. Even if the student takes a leave, he/she must be actively enrolled in the program and pursuing studies

Students may also be eligible if they were part- time during the final semester of their studies.

Students must also provide transcripts from the educational institute

There have been many cases of post graduate work permit refusals in the recent past and it is recommended that professional services be sought to apply for one.

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