Owner Operator LMIAs

Do you wish to come to Canada to start your own business and wish for the fastest timelines!!!

Owner Operator LMIA is a Canadian immigration program that leads directly to Permanent Residence-

The Owner Operator LMIA is lesser known as only a few Immigration Professionals even know about this application

YIC can help you identify the perfect business opportunity that leads to Canadian Permanent Residence.

The business can be new business idea or you can buy into an existing business or franchise.


Using this application, the client can set up his/ her business and obtain permanent residence in under 6 months after nomination.

The Process

NOTE : The client can apply for a work permit based on the positive decision on the LMIA and start building the business while the application for Permanent Residence for Canada is in process

YIC helps business clients each step of the process during their Canadian permanent residence process.



You can partner with a Canadian or foreign national in this program. However, you must have a minimum of 51% stake in the business to eligible under this program.

For any help or information under the Owner Operator LMIA application for Canada or for any Canadian Immigration enquiry, please contact Your Immigration Company – YIC

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