Address your inadmissibility and come to Canada

Put your Criminal Record Behind You!

Do you want to come to Canada for a business trip, meeting your family members or to board a cruise but you have a criminal record or have been denied entry to Canada because of a misrepresentation finding on a previous immigration application.

Your Immigration Company can help you to come to Canada.

Any applicant for temporary residence (visitors, students and workers) or permanent residence to Canada may be found inadmissible to Canada for a number of reasons as set out in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act:

Criminal Rehabilitation

You are concerned that you will not be able to enter Canada because you have a criminal record and you want to Come to Canada to see your family or on business. Don’t worry YIC can help you not only come to Canada but also overcome your criminality on a permanent basis. You can make an application at a Port of Entry for a Temporary Resident Permit (only for Visa Exempt countries) to enter Canada despite your criminality. You can also make an application at a Consulate for Criminal Rehabilitation and/or Temporary Resident Permit.

Applications for Criminal Rehabilitation must be sent to the Consulate irrespective of your country of Citizenship. Criminal Rehabilitation is only available if it has been a minimum of 5 years since you have completed your sentence including all the requirements of your sentence for example parole or community service.

Criminal Rehabilitation takes around 12 months to process and the processing times can be higher for more serious offences.

However, if you wish to travel to Canada or an urgent basis and/or you do not qualify for criminal rehabilitation, application for Temporary Residence Permit can still be submitted.

This is a difficult application where the help of a professional is imperative. If you have a criminal record or have received a procedural fairness letter, please immediately contact YIC.

Procedural Fairness

We have helped numerous clients who have been issued procedural fairness letters and helped them address the officer’s concerns.

Typically, an officer will send you a letter advising you that you may be inadmissible and setting out the grounds upon which the officer is basing his allegation. This is called a “Procedural Fairness Letter.” If you have received a procedural fairness letter please contact our immigration specialists as soon as possible as you may only have a few days to answer your procedural fairness letter. It will give you a fixed number of days (usually 30) in which to submit a response which will address the officer’s concerns.

A procedural fairness letter is a serious opportunity to avoid refusal of your application. There are two ways in which to avoid refusal:

Document Requirements

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