Express Entry

Express Entry is Canada’s system to invite individuals to apply for permanent residence on a skills-based criterion. Over the past year, the Express Entry points have been considerably high for the last 6 months. CIC Recently made changes in the way information is depicted on the CRS scores distribution. CIC only used to give distribution on to scores in the range from 400 – 450. Since, the scores have been on an upward trajectory, CIC has now unveiled the CRS score distribution for the range 450 – 500. This new change gives us a chance to dive into the scores and give us a clearer estimate.


A close look at the scores give us an indication about the scores of potential candidates in the pool and a chance to predict what might happen in the future.

Given, in the year 2020 the Canadian Government plans to intake 91,800 new economic class immigrants through the Express Entry stream of which only 22,600 nominations have been given out as of March 22, 2020. Two draws in the space of 5 days specifically targeting economic classes in Canada gives us an insight into what might be coming for candidates In Express Entry.

Due to the Corona Virus Scare, the number of candidates coming into the pool should decrease as less facilities will be open to conduct IELTS tests. This holds especially true for Indians in US.

India has been the biggest beneficiary to the Express Entry system as a lot of candidates from US in the last few years have migrated to Canada using the program. ECA evaluations will take more time to be processed due to reduced productivity and closing of non-essential businesses.

This provides a great opportunity for candidates in the Express Entry pool who have been awaiting a nomination request for a long time while they wait for scores to decrease. As, indicated the draws will continue to come out with the same frequency, people in the express entry pool should see scores come down in the future draws as not a lot of people will enter the pool of candidates.

Having said that, it is also imperative for clients to choose their representatives wisely as this could be an opportunity of a lifetime. NOTE : Only authorized representatives licensed by ICCRC or a provincial law society in Canada can represent you in immigration cases for compensation.

Also important is creation of your express entry profile. As the information you input in the first stage of the application cannot be changed once you receive an invitation to apply.

We at YIC, are reaching out to clients in need at this hour. We are operational from our home office and this gives us more flexibility to work with clients in different time zones.

Please reach out to us in case you need more information regarding the Express Entry and assessing your profile.