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A Minor Relief for Express Entry Candidates

Express Entry

Express Entry is Canada’s system to invite individuals to apply for permanent residence on a skills-based criterion. Canada utilizes a point-based system called a CRS to allow foreign skilled-workers to come to Canada and settle here as permanent residents and contribute passively to the Canadian economy. Only skilled applicants over a specific threshold are invited to apply and these applicants are invited to apply via bi-weekly draws.

Over the past six months, the Express Entry cut-off score have been coming up very high, with successful applicants having extensive post-graduate education and very high scores on their language tests.

Recently, CIC has made changes to the way in which they disclose and depict the distribution of CRS scores obtained by all the candidates in the pool. Previously, CIC used to provide a detailed breakdown of the scores achieved within the range from 400 – 450 points, for each 10-point increment, however they include a single number to disclose the scores within the 450-500-point range. Since, the scores have been on an upward trajectory, CIC is now disclosing detailed distribution of CRS score with the points range of 450 – 500, similarly providing a breakdown for every 10 points in the range.

This change has given us the opportunity to get a clearer image of the characteristics of the candidates within the 450-500 range and respective provide an informed advice on the future prospects of an invitation for this group.  

A close look at the breakdown of these scores give us an indication about the scores of potential candidates in the pool and a chance to predict what might happen in the future, if the cut-off for invitation does go down.

Given, in the year 2020 the Canadian Government plans to intake 91,800 new economic class immigrants through the Express Entry stream of which only 22,600 nominations have been given out as of March 22, 2020.

Two draws in the space of 5 days specifically targeting economic classes in Canada gives us an insight into what might be coming for candidates currently in the Express Entry pool.

Due to concerns with respect to COVID-19 , the number of candidates entering the express entry pool is expected to decline. As a result, the candidates already within the Express Entry pool, who have been awaiting a nomination for months, but haven’t received one due to high cut-off scores, will become more competitive.

CIC has announced no changes to the frequency at this express entry draws will occur. Candidates within the express entry pool should see cut-offs scores coming down in the near future, as fewer candidates enter the express entry pool.

Having said that, it is also imperative for clients to choose their representatives wisely and ensure that once they are invited to apply their representative can promptly provide all required documentations.

NOTE: Only authorized representatives licensed by ICCRC or a provincial law society in Canada can represent you in immigration cases for compensation.

If you wish to come to Canada under express entry and were awaiting a decline in the cut-off score, now is the time to create your express entry profile and enter the pool of skilled candidates. The creation of your express entry profile is an important first step towards securing a permanent residency nomination. The information you input in this first stage of the application cannot be changed once you receive an invitation to apply, therefore you must prepare your profile carefully.  

We at YIC, are there for our current and prospective clients in these uncertain times. We are operational from our home office and have the flexibility to connect with clients from numerous different time zones. We are monitoring all updates from CIC very closely and keeping our clients up to date on the most recent developments.

Please reach out to us in case you need more information about coming to Canada under the express entry stream. We are more than happy to chat with you over the phone or email.

In stage 1, the applicant provides all the information about his/ her profile to the portal. This stage is very important as all the information that has been provided must be accurate.

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