Criminal Inadmissibility

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Overcome Your Criminal Inadmissibility

If you have been charged or convicted with a criminal offence like drunk driving, assault or possession of drugs, you may not be able to come to Canada, We at “The Principles Immigration Group” can successfully help you overcome your inadmissibility and help your case like several others wanting to come to Canada.

Crimes such as:

Will prohibit you from entering Canada as you are criminally inadmissible.

What we can do

Depending on the crime, how long ago it was and how you have behaved since, we may be able to help you come to Canada through the following means

Deemed rehabilitation

If enough time has passed since you were convicted and completed all the conditions of your crime that may no longer bar you from entering Canada.

You may be deemed rehabilitated depending on: 

You may be deemed rehabilitated if the crime committed outside Canada has a maximum imprisonment of less than 10 years

Individual rehabilitation

You can apply for individual rehabilitation to enter Canada. You may be rehabilitated if 5 years have been passed since the end of your criminal sentence.

You must also demonstrate that you are unlikely to be a repeat offender

Temporary resident permit

A Temporary Resident Permit is provided to a person who has yet not completed 5 years from the offence and still has valid reasons to come to Canada.

Temporary Resident Permit is only a temporary solution to the inadmissibility and is provided for the duration of the trip to Canada

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