Business Immigration

If you come to Canada to open, expand your own business or buy into an existing Franchisee or take over a business.
YIC has options for you!!!
Canada has various immigration programs for people who wish to come to Canada and establish their businesses. Recently, various provinces have reduced the minimum required investment and Net Worth amounts to qualify more people.
YIC can help you navigate through all the provincial and federal processes and establish your business in Canada.
YIC will tailor your needs and using your previous experience and provide the best option from the below discussed business immigration programs.

Why choose YIC ?
Owner Operator LMIA

This federal business immigration program is by far the best and least known business immigration program



If you have questions regarding this program, please do not hesitate to contact us. For more information on this program please see this section (insert link here)

OINP – Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur program is for foreign nationals who wish to establish or buy into a new business in Ontario. The investment and net worth levels for the OINP – Entrepreneur program have dropped significantly since June 2019 and show a shift of the Ontario government to encourage high net worth individuals to open their businesses in Ontario.


The OINP – Entrepreneur program is a two-step process

Stage 1

Stage 2

The OINP – Entrepreneur program is a lengthy application that should be completed with the help of an authorized Canadian Immigration Professional. Please contact YIC to see how we can streamline the process.

Mandatory Requirements – OINP – Entrepreneur

DID YOU KNOW! There are additional requirements if you are purchasing an existing business. Please ask YIC how we can navigate this complex immigration procedure for you OINP will score your application based on a set criteria of selection factors and only applicants with the highest score in these factors will be identified to apply for the program. To Ensure maximum chances of success, please contact us


The BC PNP – Entrepreneur immigration has 3 pathways

BC PNP – Base Category

Personal requirements
Business Requirements
You can collaborate with a co-registrant in the BC – PNP pool. You both must own one – third of the business
You can buy an existing business or a franchisee that has been operated by the current owner for the last 5 years
You can own less than 33.33% of the business if you make an investment of CAD $1,000,000
BC – PNP Regional Pilot Program
Business Requirements
You must undertake an exploratory visit to the community as a part of the application process